Cindy Kirk

I am Cindy Kirk and I am a candidate for State Committee.

I have dedicated many hours in service to our Community.  My resulting experience has helped prepare me for the challenges of State Committee, reinforcing my already strong values, giving me the confidence to exercise independent judgment in a group, and building my leadership skills.

Over the 30 years I have lived in McCandless, I have served as a girl scout leader (charter member of the first day camp in our local area), boy scout volunteer, PFA treasurer and president at both McKnight and Hosack Elementary, Northland Library Foundation Board member, Key Communicator at North Allegheny, Secondary Advisory Committee member, NA band volunteer, Chair of the SWPA USAF Parents Association, and routinely help at the various Senior Expos and at the Jubilee Soup Kitchen.

In addition, I have remained very active on our local Republican committee for over 15 years because I believe in the fundamental values of the Republican Party.  I have prepared our semi-annual newsletter, organized our semi-annual fundraisers, helped label our newsletters, answer the various calls from the community regarding our committee (our home phone number is the one published).  On election days, I regularly work the polls and also drive Republicans to the polls to vote.  The past few years I have co-chaired the RCAC annual picnic.  We completely restructured this event to one that is free to all Republicans to drive party membership.  The resulting good-will has been channeled into an annual food drive our local food bank.  This past year we collected $900 of food which was donated to the North Hills Food Bank on behalf of the Allegheny County Republican Party.

Since I have been on State Committee these past 4 years, I thought I would take this time to explain a little about State Committee.  State Committee people are elected from State Senatorial Districts throughout PA.   There are 3 main meetings in Harrisburg every year, in which we are responsible for our own expenses.  Although these meetings are important for information sharing and networking, this is only one small part of the duties of State Committee Members.  We take an active role in the county party and local campaigns.  This is why it is important to have people who are able to work with others.  We also are a contact person for all statewide campaigns.

I have actively supported Republican candidates for decades.  I have routinely worked the polls, made phone calls, put up signs, wrote letters, donated funds, sought out people to run for offices, and obtained petition signatures.  I have even helped several local candidates by coordinating their entire Election Day poll-coverage volunteers and schedules.

When looking for candidates to endorse for office I look at key qualifications.  I believe that character counts; if the candidate is already in office, their record will speak for themselves.  If they are without a public record, then their resume, their ability to consensus build to accomplish their goals would be important.  The most important considerations for me would be: Character, belief in limited government and fiscal responsibility, and belief in following the U.S. Constitution and respecting States rights.  I am pro-life and do believe in helping people help themselves.

On a personal note, I am married to my husband, Bill for almost 35 years and have two children, Chip, an Air Force pilot and Kim a senior at Notre Dame.  I have my Master’s degree from the University of Pittsburgh and work as a Nursing Supervisor.