Ken Doerbecker

Ken Doerbecker - State Committeeman

I would like to ask for your support as I pursue this position. I feel strongly that our country is on a course towards socialism that can only diminish the future for us and our children. While I believe that our Republican Party is the best hope we have to correct the situation, we have much to do to prevail. Simply doing what we have done in the past will not overcome the empty promises the leftists are making. We must solidify the correct message and deliver it with the amazing efficiency technology provides. This will take people with a concern for the community, experience, technical knowledge, and the leadership to ensure a successful implementation. I believe that myself, and team we have assembled, have these qualities.

Personally, I have been involved in community service nearly all my life. From my boyhood days in New York serving in the church choir and the high school glee club, to my early manhood serving in the US Army during the Vietnam "conflict". In my career at IBM, on my own time, I developed and taught a class for the Dallas school systems in economically disadvantaged neighborhoods on how to seek, acquire, and hold onto a job called Opportunity and You. Later, I served the people of Vermont as the External Vice President of the Jaycees while managing IBM's field service operation in Vermont, New Hampshire, Eastern New York, and Western Massachusetts.

Shortly after being assigned to Pittsburgh as IBM's branch office manager, I joined the McCandless Athletic Association and, in conjunction with Winnie, my wife of 43 years, served as General Manager of their Bronco league and eventually as President of the association. During that time, we sent 4 teams to the Pony Baseball World Series, and built 3 new fields, a concession stand, a pavilion, and an equipment storage building. All of this was accomplished with volunteers and donations. I learned to operate a Caterpillar D6 bulldozer and a backhoe compliments of our former county chair Mr. Bob Glancy.

At the request of then Chairwoman Jan Rea, I accepted an appointment as County Committeeman in Ward 2 District 3 of McCandless. I ran in the next election and have been elected to that position 3 times. During my 14 years in the McCandless Republican Committee, I have served as vice chairman, committee development chair, and county development committee member. My committee developed our 5 year strategy and I built and maintain our web site, Facebook page, mailing database, and our committee scorecard.

My understanding of technology began with attaining my Ham Radio Advanced Class license (Kc2tg) at 14, my 2nd Class Commercial Radio FCC license at 17, my first job as a Field Engineer at IBM at 18 lasted 28 years, and then starting and running computer support company Perfection Services for 21 years until today. We built and maintain over 50 commercial web sites and are the "IT Department" for over 200 businesses in Western PA.

My God given ability to lead others has been developed and honed by all these activities in my 65 years on this earth. I believe I am known as a pragmatic and effective communicator who is not afraid to challenge ideas I feel are wrong and communicate in both and upward and downward direction with equal vigor.

As your state committeeman, I would use all of the above to ensure the state organization is aware of your concerns, that you are aware of their plans and programs, and that we have the best possible methods to get our story out to the voting public.